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Yeh so a week before my exams, and I'm beginning to panic, which is not usual. But I still find time to do anything else.
This in itself is a distraction...as i should be doing another question. I worry because its not far off...this is the end of my second day off to study, I have done some question practice but not one correct answer...I may have scraped through 50% but some errors which I worry I'll repeat... 

I feel its to late for my lecturers to mark more qu's but then is it...I'm going to sort that out for tomorro night, send them some questions to mark...or will that make it worse..if I'm totally off the point at this late stage...what the hell do I do!?

I feel history will repeat itself for these exams...again...

Exams...examines myself maybe...

 Yeah so I got my exam results today for my CIMA qualification, Failed both of them...fuk sake. I just wish I could remember how it felt this morning when I arse about on my computer when I was meant to study. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, Dam right. I always feel this way when I fail...since this isn't exactly the first time. However this is the most important exams I will ever sit, and I really need to remember to sit up and take some control of my studys...not try to palm off excuses like asking Julie to take wires and remotes to work...just remember how it felt today instead of turning the fuking tv on.....jeees

So I've felt pretty bad all day, about my exams and what not. Then I find out Mrs Inglis died....tis the freaking limit today...so sad for the family left...2 funerals in 7 months...jees.

Sorry if this is found months later Jules, I just needed to say it on this so I can hopefully refer to it and act up...love you princess. 


Yeh so watched Carousel this afternoon and Julie giggles that I have a tear in my eye, well the fact the girl in it is called Julie, and the man Billy  dies and is not with her and their daughter is quite a sad storyline, I mean I think its reasonable to be a little sad at that thought, about being seperated from your loved one. I wasnt full on greeting, but was a little sad.

That reminded me of Its a Wonderful life, which is another seasonal saddy....jeees that guy had it tough, but got through it cause he was a good guy...

Anyway Julie has now given me a list of presents from places in town which make things easier, I would like to have a Eureeka moment and get her something awesome, as she always gets me brilliant stuff :) I love her dearly :) even if she post "Alan cried at the end of Carousel" on facebook....I'll get her back tho!

Peace Out!

First Post!!!!!

Thought as this has been open for a couple of years it was time to jounal my first!
It is difficult this year to pic presents for my fiancee Julie as she is not helping me very much....all she tells me will require shipping...and its the freaking 16th!!!! We dont get paid til Friday, and she'll be tied to my hip all weekend, so WHAT DO I DO!!!!!

Chrimbo will be awesome tho, so not to worry :)

Love you JM


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